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Wednesday, August 05, 2020
Welcome to ECPAP !

We are the only group of people to which Jesus Christ is pleased to add those who have accepted the 4 elements of the Gospel in Port-au-Prince, the Capital of Haiti.


If you are in Haiti, you can listen to Stereo 92.5 FM / 6-7 AM and 1 PM (Sundays) - Mon. to Fri. at noon.

Important Questions/Answers

Created on 30 March 2013

1 Co 15:1-5 What you must know first

- Q: What does « the gospel » mean?
   A: It comes from Greek «To eanguelione» which means the good news (denotative meaning) and happy events (connotative meaning).

- Q: What is the definition of « the gospel »?
   A: The gospel is a value for the salvation of whoever believes it.

- Q: Where in the bible is found that definition?
   A: It can be found in Rom 1:16.

- Q: How is the gospel described?
   A: It is described by enumerating the following 4 elements: The death, the burial, the resurrection and the appearances of Jesus Christ.

- Q: Where in the bible that description is found?
   A: It is found in 1 Cor 15:3-5.

- Q: What are the synonyms of « the gospel »?
   A: The synonyms of the gospel are: The credo, The specific faith and The faith of Christ.

- Q: In acts 2, Peter repeated the 4 elements of the gospel. Can you show that?
   A: In verse 23 we have “aneilate” aorist of “anaireo”: suppress (denotative), and erase (connotative); It is used here with its generic aspect and covers in this case two verbs: to die and bury. Verse 24th contains the resurrection. Finally, in verse 32 “to be witness of” is a paraphrase which means “to see / to become visible (to appear)” denotatively; its connotative meaning is “to approve”. Therefore the apostles have been approved by Jesus Christ to preach the gospel to the world.

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1 Cor 15 v 1,2

1 Cor 15 v 1 and 2

1 Now I make known to you brothers, the gospel I preached to you,
that you have received and in which you stand firm,
2 through which you are saved, if you keep it the way I gave it to you,
unless you have believed in vain..

Acts 2 v 47

Actes 2 v 47

"... And the lord added day by day to the congregation in the same place, those being saved."

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