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In Sunrise, USA, Saturdays 8-9am listen to
In Boston USA, Tuesdays 3-4pm listen to 100.1 FM, Radio & Tele Boston

Wednesday, August 05, 2020
Welcome to ECPAP !

We are the only group of people to which Jesus Christ is pleased to add those who have accepted the 4 elements of the Gospel in Port-au-Prince, the Capital of Haiti.


If you are in Haiti, you can listen to Stereo 92.5 FM / 6-7 AM and 1 PM (Sundays) - Mon. to Fri. at noon.

Places of Worship

This section is created to facilitate the Christians that are traveling to know where they can find the Church of Christ in the foreign country where they are located.

Name Position Phone Suburb State Country
L'église du Christ de Port-au-Prince [ECPAP] Secrétaire +50929432003 Port-au-Prince Haiti
Eglise du Christ de Las Cahobas Las Cahobas Haiti
Eglise du Christ de Hinche Hinche Haiti
Eglise du Christ de Fond des Nègres Fond des Nègres Haiti
Assemblée du Christ de Montréal 514-691-5480 Montreal-Nord Montréal Canada
Church of Christ of Plantation Plantation Florida USA
Eglise du Christ du Cap-Haitien Cap-Haitien Haiti
Eglise du Christ de Cerca-Carvajal Cerca-Carvajal Haiti
Church of Christ of Sunrise Sunrise Florida USA
Golden Gates Estates Church of Christ Golden Gates Florida USA
Hamilton Church of Christ Hamilton New Jersey USA
Church of Christ of New York 347-998-5522 New York USA

Grace Foundation

This decision was taken back in January 2007 and the name of the foundation is “Grace Foundation”.


Spring H. University

Founder and Chairperson Doctor Marie Wesner Pierre Monome, BS, MD. graduated from Winston-Salem State University in biology and St . Georges University, School of Medicine, in medecine.