The Truth of Yahweh, Elohim using Greek and Hebrew of the Bible

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    Welcome to our worldwide virtual auditorium

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Almost everybody is wrong about what the gospel is - ECPAP brings the light

The Gospel - Meaning
Q: What does « the gospel » mean?
A: It comes from Greek «To Euanguelion» which means "the good news".
Q: What is the definition of « the gospel »?
A: The gospel is the power of Yahweh to save whoever believes it (Rom P1: P16).
Content / Description
Q: What is the content/description of the gospel?
A: 4 Elements (no less, no more)
1) Christ died
2) He was buried
3) He was resurrected
4) He appeared to Peter.
(1 Cor P15: P3)
Next Step
If you believe those 4 elements and you ask to be baptized then you will become a Christian. If not done, you are wasting your time.
(Mark P16: P15,16 and 1 Cor P15: P1-5)