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  The Grace Foundation of ECPAP >> Description of the project  
Grace Foundation - Caring for the poor - Project
  The Grace Foundation of ECPAP  

This decision was taken back in January 2007 and the name of the foundation is “Grace Foundation”. Its purpose is to:

1- Provide proper nutrition to babies (0 to 1 year old), help the mothers or fathers understand the needs for birth control, proper nutrition and support them towards receiving a certificate or diploma in a career of their choice. Example: sewing school, embroidery, carpentry etc…
2- Provide financial help to students willing to attend university - in return, they will be trained as counselors for seminars on sexually transmitted diseases, birth control strategies, prevention strategies against breast cancer and uterine cancer etc... so that they can help with the promotion of the education of the people less fortunate than us
3- Promote agriculture in certain regions of the country. Why? Because I believe that in order to develop a country we must first be adept at growing our own vegetables and raise our own livestock. We need to stop buying everything from other countries.

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